Training for trail-building supervisors begins


Gary Crider, implacable foe of invasive plants and experienced trail-builder, began training people on Saturday, June 18 to serve as supervisors for a trail corridor clearing project at Boulevard Woods.

The first class of trailblazer supervisor cadets (pictured above, from left to right) included Kelly Kuppersmith, Debbie Kuppersmith, Nick Hinson and Jerry Daniel. (That’s Gary, with the yellow gloves, holding the branch; cadet Dan Lorentz (not pictured) took the photo.)

A new trail network for Boulevard Woods has been approved by Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services Department. Designed by Walt Cook, the indefatigable trailblazer who created Cook’s Trail along Sandy Creek among many other trails in Athens, the Boulevard Woods trail now needs volunteers to serve as supervisors to other volunteers to clear the trail corridor.

This project will take many hours to complete. We are hoping to recruit four-to-five additional people to serve as supervisors because we want to offer a variety of times and days for people to work on the trail-clearing project and we don’t want just two or three people being responsible for supervising all of it.

Stay tuned to learn of upcoming training sessions for supervisors and—soon—for corridor clearing work days.