A Quick Sprucing-Up


Above, Carole Holmes and Jim Okey steer wheelbarrows full of mulch down to a trail segment near a well that was discovered on the site last year.

With just a small squad of volunteers, we nevertheless managed to spruce-up the Boulevard Woods site on a very humid Saturday, Aug. 6 morning. We picked-up trash, used weed-whackers to keep trails open and spread a good deal of mulch.

The purpose of Saturday’s work was to prepare the site in advance of a meeting to discuss the future of our proposed park later that week with Athens-Clarke County Leisure Service officials. (More about that meeting soon.)

Volunteers included: Ross Pringle, Rachel Watkins, Allen Stovall, Larry Slutzky, James Okey, Carole Holmes, Dan Lorentz and Lori Ringhand.


We owe special thanks to: Stacy Smith and the Keep Athens-Clarke Co. Beautiful Program for loaning us tools; to Bruce and Jane Travis for bagels and the Boulevard Neighborhood Association for cream cheese.

What a difference a little mulch makes:

A freshly mulched trail segment in the upper part of the site.


A little mulch really helps make a crude path become a trail.