Request to M&C for Follow-Up Action

Here’s an email sent earlier today to Mayor Denson and a handful of Commissioners requesting timely follow-up action from ACC staff on Boulevard Woods:

Dear Mayor Denson and Commissioners:

At tomorrow night’s Regular Session meeting, those of us involved with the “Boulevard Woods” effort would very much appreciate a request for staff to work on assessing the “Boulevard Woods” as expeditiously as possible. If its deemed appropriate to develop a county policy to evaluate and administer proposals for neighborhood “green spaces” or “pocket parks” like “Boulevard Woods,” then we’d also really appreciate a request for staff to develop such a policy soon.

As you know, we’ve done a lot of work on our proposal and on the “Boulevard Woods” site itself. We are definitely ready and able to move forward now.  We are keenly interested in learning more details about the review process and its anticipated timeline.

We understand that the staff review can not be completed overnight, but we do hope that any reviews, assessments or policy development can start now, if it hasn’t already.

We believe all the questions that Leisure Services Director Pam Reidy and Deputy Manager Bobby Snipes mentioned as examples of the kinds of considerations that the Commission should weigh when evaluating whether to approve a public/private partnership to create a neighborhood park are readily answerable.

Please know that we–the park organizers–will make ourselves available to answer any questions that staff may have, and to conduct any research that may be helpful to staff for us to undertake.

Thanks again for your interest in this. It’s heartening to see our local government responding in such a positive and helpful way to what I think we have a right to think of as a thoughtfully conceived and responsible proposal by neighborhood residents.

Dan Lorentz, Chairperson
Boulevard Neighborhood Association

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