Early Feedback Questionnaire: Most Common Responses

Here’s what people are thinking about the Barber St. site:

1. Favorite things about the site are…

  • Trees (33)
  • Natural, woodsy feel (21)
  • Easy access (19)
  • Terrain/terraces/topography (17)
  • Shade (10)
  • Open space/natural rooms (6)

2. Major concerns about the site are…

  • Slope steepness (10)
  • Safety of pedestrian crossing (9)
  • Loitering/prostitutes (8)
  • Containing playing kids (8)
  • Invasive plants (6)
  • Safety from crime (5)

3. People want…

  • Play area for kids (17)
  • Walking trails (17)
  • Dog walk area (17)
  • Places to sit (16)
  • Picnic area (16)
  • Neighborhood activity area (15)

4. People don’t want…

  • Off-leash dogs/dog poop (16)
  • Grilling (6)
  • Smoking (6)
  • Crime (5)
  • Noise (5)

These results come from our Barber St. Early Feedback Questionnaire, which asked people about what they thought about the site and what they’d like to see there.

Fifty-two people responded to the online survey.

The results were generated by categorizing the responses and then counting them. All questions were open-ended–which is to say people responded in their own words and didn’t have to pick predetermined responses.

Many people included multiple items in their responses to questions. Only those items mentioned five times or more are highlighted here. The response count is the number in parenthesis.

The survey was conducted via Survey Monkey from March 17 to April 14.  You can view all the responses here.

The purpose of the questionnaire was to give our design team something concrete to work with in developing a design concept for the site. That work has begun. We should have a few alternative concepts ready to show to the neighborhood very soon. We’ll be organizing a neighborhood-wide “charette” to gather input from everyone in the next few weeks.

There’s still lots of work to be done after that, though, including finalizing a design concept, getting an official green light from the county to use the site as a park/green space and a whole bunch of fundraising…but we’re making steady progress.