Thanks for donating goods and services to Boulevard Woods

  • Koons Environmental Design, Inc.

    This firm has devoted many hours to helping us develop professional plans for the park, and helped us navigate ACC’s review processes.

  • G & G Landscape Design

    A landscape design company that has provided park landscaping assistance and consulting.

  • New Urban Forestry

    A local tree service company who has generously assisted with tree removal.

  • 1000 Faces Coffee

    Specializing in fair trade coffee supplied by sustainable producers, 1000 Faces has kindly provided coffee for park volunteer events.

  • Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market

    For providing a thank you gift certificate for our hard-working park plan designers, and for agreeing to host a fundraiser.

  • Independent Baking Company

    They put a “tip jar” on their counter to enable their customers to make convenient contributions to the project.

  • 5&10

    For inspiring the idea for the BouleYARD Sale, and for designing and printing posters for the event.

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