Design Team

Here are the members of our Design Team. Based on lots of neighborhood input and feedback, they developed a composite plan for a park at the site.

  • Allen Stovall, a landscape architect and professor emeritus of UGA’s College of Environment and Design, leads the team.
  • Greg Denzin is a professional landscape designer.
  • Krysia Haag is an Athens-based mosaicist, with experience in public art projects.
  • Katherine Melcher is an assistant professor at UGA’s College of Environment and Design.
  • Henry Parker is an architect, landscape architect and planner.
  • Kevan Williams has a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from UGA and is architecture and development columnist for Flagpole Magazine.

Dan Lorentz and Marci White, two lead organizers for the overall park project, also work closely with the design team.