Our design team has prepared four alternative design concepts for a potential park. These were presented to neighborhood residents at a charrette* that took place Monday, July 26 at the ATHICA gallery space in the Tracy St. warehouses.

At the charrette, residents ranked their favorite designs and wrote comments on notecards and on pages pinned to the wall.

We invite you to let us know which of these designs is your favorite. We also want to know what you like and don’t like about any of the designs. For example, while concept A1 may be your favorite, you might also really like some particular feature in concept B2. Tell us things like that, too.

Before reviewing the four concepts, you might find it helpful to take a look at the circulation study, the existing conditions map and the potential park elements study.

Please note that the potential site for the park now includes two additional vacant, county-owned parcels.  These parcels border the original parcel. They were acquired by the county in 1993 as part of a tax settlement. Learn more here.

Use the comments function to let us know what you think, or send an email to Dan Lorentz at

To get a closer look, click here to view or download a PDF file containing all four concepts, plus the context maps and studies.

Context Maps and Studies

Site parcels



Existing conditions



Circulation study



Potential park elements



Four Design Concepts

Concept A1



Concept B1



Concept A2



Concept B2



* charrette  [shuhret] n. a meeting or conference devoted to a concerted effort to solve a design problem or plan something. Alternative spelling: charette.