We’ve Got ACC Liaisons

About a week ago we got word that ACC manager Alan Reddish asked Pam Reidy, director of Leisure Services, to serve as a liaison with the Boulevard Woods project team. In turn, she's assigned two Leisure Service staff people–park services division administrator Dan Magee and Greenways supervisor Mel Cochran–to help us develop and bring forward a project concept for eventual consideration by the Mayor and Commission.

A few of us will be meeting with Reidy, Magee and Cochran at the site next week to start figuring out what we need to do next.

This is a big step forward for the project. We now have people on the "inside" who've been given official permission to help us with the park project.  This doesn't mean that ACC has approved a park at the site yet, but it does mean that they know we're serious about moving forward.

We owe thanks to District 5 Commissioner Jared Bailey, and Super District Commissioners Kelly Girtz and Mike Hamby for their efforts in making this happen. We also owe thanks to Roger Cauthen at ACC's landscape management division for his continuing helpfulness and accessibility.