Trail digging gets started, makes rapid progress

Volunteers digging the trail at Boulevard Woods, including Walker Harmon (foreground), Brian Cooke (middle), and Alex White (way back there).

Wow. Christine Traini, trails and open space supervisor for Athens-Clarke County’s Leisure Services Department, guesses that volunteers dug out about 25 percent of the whole proposed trail at Boulevard Woods on the first day of digging—a training day.

Eight volunteers gathered Sunday, Jan. 29 for a quick training session on trail digging techniques, and promptly got to work. Soft soil conditions, a good, cool working temperature and lots of energy all contributed to getting more of the trail corridor dug out than initially anticipated.

Thanks to volunteers Walker Harmon, Carla Francis, Brian Cooke, Tom Keene, Brian Irwin, Dan Lorentz, Jerry Daniel and Alex White for getting so much done. And thanks to Christine Traini for providing the training.

More work days will be scheduled soon. Stay tuned.