Steps built, drainage improved, lots of invasive plants removed

From left to right: Will Vaught, Mariel Groppe, Julia Smith, Dan Wescoat, Elliot Dawes, Erica Kistner and Cal McKinney.

The rain—the rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain—did not stay the Southeast Conservation Corps crew from the swift completion of their “hitch” at Boulevard Woods Park.

The crew, a branch of Americorps, built two sets of steps, reinforced a few soggy spots along the trail, and cleared about one-third of the wooded part of the park of honey-suckle (and other invasive plants) despite being rained on every day they were at the park.

Thanks to the SECC crew, and to ACC Leisure Services for supervising and providing supplies.

First step of steps, connecting upper-level of park to the trail.


Second set of steps, along the trail.