The Corps has landed at Boulevard Woods

They’re here, and they’ve been working hard.

An 8-member crew from the Southeast Conservation Corps—a branch of Americorps—is doing a “hitch” at Boulevard Woods.

This crew, based out of Chattanooga, TN, is clearing out invasive plants (much of which is bush honeysuckle, wisteria, privet and some types of ivy), building steps for the trail and putting-in a few drainage features as well.

ACC Leisure Services selected Boulevard Woods as a project site for an Americorps hitch this year. After Boulevard Woods, they’re going to do a hitch at Beech Haven. Before they came to Athens, they worked on Natchez Trace near Jackson, MS.

The crew leader is Dan Wescoat, and crew members are Will Vaught, Elliot Dawes, Julia Smith, Mariel Groppe, Erica Kistner, Quran Whatley and Cal McKinney.

These folks are doing a lot of work. We owe them a big thank you.