We’ve reached our goal!

$97,527 — what it will cost to build Boulevard Woods

$102,463.05 — what we’ve raised in total (less expenses)

$ 0— what we needed to raise by Friday, October 31, 2014 (our fundraising deadline)

$18,998.44— what we’ve raised since Wednesday, October 1, 2014*

4  — number of days ahead of schedule that we reached our goal

We’ve now achieved our fundraising goal. Actually, we’ve exceeded it a little. (It’s hard to suppress using capital letters, boldface and  lots of exclamation marks, so we won’t: YES!!!!!!!)

We won’t do a final reckoning of what we’ve raised until after October 31, which was our deadline for this last fundraising push. Some contributions may still be en route. But not to worry. Everyone who contributes before the end of the year will be listed as a contributor on this web site and on park signage, and all contributions will be used for the park.

Whatever we don’t or can’t spend to construct the basic park, will be reserved in a earmarked fund for Boulevard Woods at the Athens Land Trust, Inc. for use in the future for improvements such as a community-created mosaic or a terraced woodland gathering space.

Thanks to everyone who contributed. You did it, and you did it ahead of schedule!


Just wow, everybody!!!

* — As some contributions are still coming in, we’ll update this number again soon.