A Quick Sprucing-Up


Above, Carole Holmes and Jim Okey steer wheelbarrows full of mulch down to a trail segment near a well that was discovered on the site last year.

With just a small squad of volunteers, we nevertheless managed to spruce-up the Boulevard Woods site on a very humid Saturday, Aug. 6 morning. We picked-up trash, used weed-whackers to keep trails open and spread a good deal of mulch.

The purpose of Saturday’s work was to prepare the site in advance of a meeting to discuss the future of our proposed park later that week with Athens-Clarke County Leisure Service officials. (More about that meeting soon.)

Volunteers included: Ross Pringle, Rachel Watkins, Allen Stovall, Larry Slutzky, James Okey, Carole Holmes, Dan Lorentz and Lori Ringhand.


We owe special thanks to: Stacy Smith and the Keep Athens-Clarke Co. Beautiful Program for loaning us tools; to Bruce and Jane Travis for bagels and the Boulevard Neighborhood Association for cream cheese.

What a difference a little mulch makes:

A freshly mulched trail segment in the upper part of the site.


A little mulch really helps make a crude path become a trail.

First Work Day of 2011 is a Big Success

Our first volunteer work day of 2011 was a big success. In our best turnout yet, 19 people–including many new faces–showed up to haul trash and other debris up and out, trim vines and pull weeds among other tasks. We got a lot done, but, of course, there's much more to do.

Here are some photos of our work:

pic5 pic1



pic4 pic6 pic7 pic8 pic9

Volunteers for the first work day of 2011 included: Lillian Agel, Marci White, Allen Stovall, Charles Apostolik, Anna Claire Davis, Katherine Melcher, Kevan Williams, Matt Elliot, Micah Yost, Chris McDowell, Judson Abbott, Vera Eve Giampietro, Cameron Gube, Keristin Gober, Stephanie Wolfgang, Sam Kelleher, Rachel Watkins, Larry Slutsky and Laura Sommet.

We owe special thanks to: Stacee Farrell and the Keep Athens-Clarke Co. Beautiful Program for loaning us tools; Matt Elliot for picking-up and returning those tools; Bruce and Jane Travis for bagels, cream cheese, fruit and water; Lillian Agel for coffee and more; Charles Apostolik for cleaning-up tools afterwards; Rachel Watkins for taking photos of the work day; and to ACC's Landscape Division for–among many other things–agreeing to remove all the debris we hauled up and out of the site.

Site is Prepped for Earth Day Celebration

To get the Barber St. site ready for an Earth Day Celebration on April 22, the previous Saturday a small crew of volunteers removed new plant growth and repositioned some downed tree limbs and stumps to create a small–and temporary–outdoor "theater" to host the poetry reading part of the program.


The armory of tools for the day's work. Most of these were borrowed from the Keep Athens-Beautiful program.



Refreshments for volunteers as provided by Bruce and Jane Travis (again).



Larry Slutzky battling new privet shoots.



Todd Hutchison cleaning up in the poetry reading "theater."



Rachel Watkins at work on removing some of the "trip wire" vines on a path.


The poetry reading theater space before the volunteers got to work.





Earth Day prep volunteers included: Charles Apostolik, Eppie Boze, Todd Hutchison, Dan Lorentz, Larry Slutzky, Bruce Travis, Jane Travis, Rachel Watkins and Kevan Williams. Special thanks to: Stacee Farrell and Susan Reese from the Keep Athens-Clarke Co. Beautiful program, and Roger Cauthen and the ACC Landscape Division for timely mowing. We were also delighted to be visited by project volunteers Marci White and Harper while on their way to other obligations.

Trash Pick-Up and (Belated) Birthday Party

On Saturday, March 20–the first day of Spring–a small crew of us volunteers picked the Barber St. site clean of litter, and hauled-out a small plastic pool, a purple bra, several feet of plastic tubing, an ancient car battery and many pounds more of assorted junk. We also removed a pile of tree limbs and relocated some stumps and larger logs for potential future use.

Oh yes, and we still had time to chat with Commissioner Kelly Girtz, who stopped by on his own trash pick-up rounds, and to present a birthday/thank you cake, card and flowers to a helpful neighbor.

Here are photos from Saturday, March 20's work day/birthday party:


Katie Medina poses with trash pinchers and garbage bag.

* * *


Henry Parker prefers to pick trash by hand and uses a bucket.


Eric Heil invents a labor-saving log-rolling technique.

* * *


Rachel Watkins helps sort tree limbs. We kept the bigger logs and stumps for possible future use for the park. You can glimpse the trash and junk we collected behind Rachel. (I meant to take a photo of that, but forget to.)

* * *


Charles "Trucker Charlie" Apostolik chauffeured the trash, tree limbs along with a couple volunteers to help with unloading, to Athens Clarke-Co. Landscape Division's recycling, trash and yard waste bins located on the West end of Boulevard.


Barber Street Park Project volunteers Dan Lorentz and Marci White present a cake and flowers to Ms Ida Mae Griffin. Ms Griffin lives in the yellow house on Barber St. right next to the site. She turned 91 earlier in March, and has been a neighbor to the site for decades.

* * *


Ida Mae with cake and card. The cake and card were sponsored by the Boulevard Neighborhood Association. The flowers (in the photo above) were donated by Eppie Boze, a park volunteer and neighborhood resident.

* * *


Ida Mae and her daughter Tennie Brookins. Ms Griffin and Ms Brookins have been very generous in allowing the park project volunteers to use their driveway to access the site.

* * *

Spring Cleaning volunteers included: Charles Apostolik, Eppie Boze, Eric Heil, Dan Lorentz, Katie Medina, Henry Parker, Rachel Watkins and Marci White.

Special thanks to: Stacee Farrell, executive director of Keep Athens-Clarke Co. Beautiful, for loaning us trash pinchers, buckets and trash bags. Roger Cauthen, Athens-Clarke Co. Landscape Management Division, for arranging access to recycling, trash and yard waste bins. Bruce Lonnee, Athens-Clarke Co. Planning Department, for approving an Environmental Areas Permit for our continuing limited cleaning and trimming work on the site. Boulevard Neighborhood Association for sponsoring the cake. Ida Mae Griffin and Tennie Brookins, once again, for use of their driveway.

Operation “Move Brush Pile”

Greg Denzin, operating a small excavator, moved a massive brush pile at the Barber St. park site curbside on Sunday, Feb. 14.  Moving the pile will make it easier for  Athens-Clarke Co.’s Solid Waste department to remove it this coming week, when Boulevard neighborhood is scheduled for a periodic leaf and limb pick-up.

It took Denzin and his equipment less than an hour to move the brush pile. Denzin, who owns G&G Landscape Design, tries to minimize his environmental impact. His John Deere excavator runs on bio-diesel, and he insisted on scattering some grass seeds and pine needles to cover tread tracks.

The brush pile before the move
Where the piled used to be
Waiting curbside for leaf and limb pick-up

Thanks Greg!

Thanks as well to Stacee Farrell, executive director of Keep Athens-Clarke Co. Beautiful, and Roger Cauthen in Athens-Clarke Co. Landscape Management Division for helping to coordinate the leaf and limb pick-up.

While the volunteer work day originally scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 13 had to be canceled due to snow, Bruce and Jane Travis were prepared to provide some very nice refreshments for volunteer workers; Shawn Doonan of Tarzan Tree Care was poised to offer help and equipment and Ben Myers of 1000 Faces Coffee was set–for the second weekend now–to provide free coffee for the volunteers. Thanks to Bruce, Jane and Shawn and Ben!

Work Day 2: New Areas Cleared, Trails Blazed

After postponing for a week because of bad weather, volunteers resumed clearing work Sat. Feb. 6 at the Barber St. site.

The ground was sodden, the wind cold and the work day shortened (to allow the ground to drain off a little from heavy rains the night before) but volunteers generated big brush piles while clearing three new areas and pushed forward on trail blazing. Once again 13 people showed up to help, but most were new faces.

Here are photos from Work Day 2:


Karen Freed and Eric Heil haul brush to a pile

Cat Dunleavy pries a Honeysuckle shrub from the ground

Kelly Ridenhour gathers cut vines

David Shillcut with loppers

Gary Crider with tarp

Anna Claire Davis near wall in newly cleared area

Stella, Anna Claire Davis’s dog, taking in the scene

Jim Okey clearing out brush

Kevan Williams and Abby Moore on their way up to dump a load of brush

Dan Lorentz tries to cut a vine

Work in the lower terraces as viewed from top level of site

One of the three newly cleared areas

Work Day 2 Volunteers included: “Chainsaw” Charles Apostolik, Gary Crider, Anna Claire Davis, Cat Dunleavy, Karen Freed, Eric Heil, Dan Lorentz, Abby Moore, James Okey, Kelly Ridenhour, David Shillcutt, Stella, Allen Stovall, Kevan Williams

Special thanks to:  Robert Gunn for supplying some yummy sandwiches.

Volunteers Start Clearing Work

On Saturday, Jan. 23, thirteen volunteers started clearing and surveying work on the Barber St. site.  Here are a few photos from that day and some before-and-after shots.

Clearing and surveying work


Allen Stovall whacks weeds.


Marci White with pruners.


Chase Lawrence cuts a downed tree limb.


Greg Denzin (left), Lori Ringhand and Robert Gunn haul a log.


Katherine Melcher (left), Henry Parker and Kevan Williams add notations to a site survey map.


Krysia Haag with tarp.




The First Thirteen Volunteers included: Greg Denzin, Matt Elliot, Robert Gunn, Krysia Haag, Chase Lawrence, Dan Lorentz, Katherine Melcher, Henry Parker, Lori Ringhand, Allen Stovall, Justin Widener, Kevan Williams and Marci White.

Special thanks to: Bruce and Jane Travis for supplying snacks, Ida Mae Griffin and Tennie Brookins for use of their driveway and Shawn Doonan of Tarzan Tree Care for the chipper and chipping crew.


This page includes a frequently updated (but probably perpetually incomplete) list of volunteers, businesses and organizations that have helped–or are continuing to help–the park project.


Judson Abbott

Lillian Agel

Alvin Angulo

Charles Apostolik

Hillary Barber

Marcy Breffle

Eppie Boze

Gary Crider

Anna Claire Davis

Mark Davis

Greg Denzin

Cat Dunleavy

Matt Elliot

Karen Freed

Vera Eve Giampietro

Keirstin Gober

Katie Goodrum

Cameron Gube

Robert Gunn

Eric Heil

Laura Hill

Krysia Haag

Carole Holmes

Todd Hutchison

Sam Kelleher

Chase Lawrence

Allison Lewis

Maddi Lewis

Evan Lewis

Melissa Link

Laura Loke

Dan Lorentz

Chris McDowell

Katherine Melcher

Katie Medina

Lisa Milot

Abby Moore

Kristin Morales

James Okey

Page Olmstead

Henry Parker

Ross Pringle

Caroline Ramsey

Kelly Ridenhour

Lori Ringhand

Margo Rothstein

Melissa Schoop

Paula Schwanenfugel

David Shillcut

Larry Slutzky

Laura Sommet

Heidi Lynn Staples

Allen Stovall

Bruce Travis

Jane Travis

Rachel Watkins

Marci White

Justin Widener

Kevan Williams

Stephanie Wolfgang

Luke Worsham

Micah Yost


1000 Faces Coffee

G&G Landscape Design

New Urban Forestry


Athens-Clarke Co. Landscape Division

Athens-Clarke Co. Leisure Services

Athens-Clarke Co. Planning Department

Keep Athens-Clarke Co. Beautiful

Boulevard Neighborhood Association


We also owe thanks to:  Athens-Clarke Co. Mayor Nancy Denson and Commissioners Jared Bailey,Kelly Girtz, Mike Hamby, Kathy Hoard and  former Commissioner David Lynn and to site neighbors Ida Mae Griffin and Tennie Brookins.