Early Spring Digging and Cleaning this Sunday (Feb. 12)

As you may know, we’re creating a trail at Boulevard Woods and could use a little help with digging and trash pick-up. If you’re up for it, please join us this Sunday, February 12 from 10 am to 12 noon.

If you want to dig, please wear hardy toe-covering shoes. We’ve got the tools, but feel free to bring your own pulaski or mattock or fire rake, if you’ve got one of those. We’ve got a few spare pairs of gloves and safety glasses, too. We’ll show you what to do and where to do it. We’ll have a cooler of water on hand.

If digging seems a bit much, then we can certainly use your help picking-up trash. We’ll supply litter grab-its and buckets.

Please email Dan Lorentz at lorentz.d@gmail.com if you can make it.

Trail digging gets started, makes rapid progress

Volunteers digging the trail at Boulevard Woods, including Walker Harmon (foreground), Brian Cooke (middle), and Alex White (way back there).

Wow. Christine Traini, trails and open space supervisor for Athens-Clarke County’s Leisure Services Department, guesses that volunteers dug out about 25 percent of the whole proposed trail at Boulevard Woods on the first day of digging—a training day.

Eight volunteers gathered Sunday, Jan. 29 for a quick training session on trail digging techniques, and promptly got to work. Soft soil conditions, a good, cool working temperature and lots of energy all contributed to getting more of the trail corridor dug out than initially anticipated.

Thanks to volunteers Walker Harmon, Carla Francis, Brian Cooke, Tom Keene, Brian Irwin, Dan Lorentz, Jerry Daniel and Alex White for getting so much done. And thanks to Christine Traini for providing the training.

More work days will be scheduled soon. Stay tuned.

CANCELLED: Trail digging to resume Sat. Jan. 21


Today’s volunteer trail digging work session has been cancelled. We will reschedule soon. 


After a long holiday break, trail digging will start-up again at Boulevard Woods.

The corridor has been cleared, and—with the ground now nice and soft—it’s time to dig the trail bed. We’re looking for about 10 folks to help us over the next few weeks to complete the work.

Christine Traini, trails and open space supervisor for ACC Leisure Services, will offer a refresher course on trail digging techniques this Saturday, January 21 from 10 am to noon at the park.

Please join us if you can. And if you happen to own a pulaski, a mattock or fire rake, bring it with you. We’ve got some tools to share, and safety glasses We’ll supply water and snacks. Wear gloves and hardy toe-covering shoes. (And pants and shirt, of course.)

Email Dan Lorentz at lorentz.d@gmail.com if you can make it.

Trail digging training session is set

The trail corridor at Boulevard Woods is cleared; now–with cooler temperatures coming–it’s time to dig the trail bed.

We need volunteers for this work, which will involve the use of pulaskis, adzes, mattocks and other interestingly-named tools to remove stumps, create drainage channels, level the ground.

If you’re up for this task, please join us Saturday, October 1 from 2 pm to 3 pm at the park for a training session on how to dig trails.

Christine Traini, trails and open space supervisor for ACC Leisure Services, will lead the training session.

Email Dan Lorentz at lorentz.d@gmail.com if you can make it.


More crew leaders trained

blvdwoodstrailclearing (2)

Tom Keene, Marci White and Elizabeth Howard became crew leaders for the trail corridor clearing project at Boulevard Woods after a training session Wednesday afternoon led by Weed Warrior Gary Crider (brandishing both hand saw and loppers).

Training for trail-building supervisors begins


Gary Crider, implacable foe of invasive plants and experienced trail-builder, began training people on Saturday, June 18 to serve as supervisors for a trail corridor clearing project at Boulevard Woods.

The first class of trailblazer supervisor cadets (pictured above, from left to right) included Kelly Kuppersmith, Debbie Kuppersmith, Nick Hinson and Jerry Daniel. (That’s Gary, with the yellow gloves, holding the branch; cadet Dan Lorentz (not pictured) took the photo.)

A new trail network for Boulevard Woods has been approved by Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services Department. Designed by Walt Cook, the indefatigable trailblazer who created Cook’s Trail along Sandy Creek among many other trails in Athens, the Boulevard Woods trail now needs volunteers to serve as supervisors to other volunteers to clear the trail corridor.

This project will take many hours to complete. We are hoping to recruit four-to-five additional people to serve as supervisors because we want to offer a variety of times and days for people to work on the trail-clearing project and we don’t want just two or three people being responsible for supervising all of it.

Stay tuned to learn of upcoming training sessions for supervisors and—soon—for corridor clearing work days.

Fully installed: bike repair station with air pump and tools


Big thanks to Fred Smith, longtime member of Bike Athens, for installing the tool set for the new bike repair station at Boulevard Woods. Now, not only can you inflate tires with the air pump, you can use the Philips and flat head screwdrivers, Allen and box wrenches and tire levers to adjust brakes and derailleurs and perform other basic bike repairs and maintenance tasks.

Let’s Try This Again: Ribbon Cutting, Take 2

bw rib cut 2

Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services Department has scheduled the official Boulevard Woods ribbon cutting ceremony for Thursday, Feb. 4 at 2 pm.

After the ribbon is cut, Boulevard Woods will be an ACC park officially open to the public.

Many of the partners that made this project possible will take part in the brief ceremony. This includes neighborhood residents, community supporters, representatives from non-profits and foundations and staff from the Leisure Services Department and other departments — and the Mayor and Commission.

When the weather is warmer, we’ll be having a celebratory party but in the meantime please join us to witness the ribbon cutting.

This is the second attempt to do the ribbon cutting. The first try was cancelled due to nasty weather last week. So far, the forecast looks promising, but keep your fingers crossed.

Ribbon Cutting is Canceled!

A very confident forecast for very bad weather has forced the cancellation of the ribbon cutting ceremony for Boulevard Woods originally scheduled to take place Friday, January 22.  The ribbon cutting will be rescheduled soon, and we’ll let you know about that here.