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Dear Mayor: We Need Your Help

Here's a letter we've just sent to Mayor Nancy Denson asking her to give permission to ACC staff to help us work together to move the Boulevard Woods project forward. Mayor Denson has already replied: she says she's looking into the logisitics of how she and ACC may be able to help. This is good […]

BNA/ALT Fundraising Agreement is Signed

Athens Land Trust, a locally trusted 501(c) 3 non-profit with professional staff, will help Boulevard Neighborhood Association administer fundraising for the Boulevard Woods project. The agreement, officially called a memorandum of understanding, between the two organizations has been signed and is ready to go into effect. BNA, which is spearheading the Boulevard Woods effort, sought […]

BNA Amends Bylaws to Create Park Position

At its annual business meeting yesterday, Boulevard Neighborhood Association (BNA) voted by acclamation to amend its bylaws to create a "neighborhood park/public green space standing committee." The new committee, with an elected standing committee chairperson, is charged with coordinating with county departments and other organizations to manage and maintain Boulevard Woods and to fulfill any […]

BNA Moves to “Adopt” Boulevard Woods

"Get a neighborhood group or non-profit organization that's been around a while and has a solid reputation to stand behind your park." That's the advice we've been getting from Athens-Clarke Co. commissioners and county staff. They say that ACC is more likely to give a green light to a volunteer-driven neighborhood park project like Boulevard […]

Sunday Afternoon Ramble at Boulevard Woods

About thirty people (if you include children) and two dogs enjoyed a walk through the nature trail at Boulevard Woods late Sunday afternoon. They (the people, at least) also enjoyed cups of hot-chocolate, homemade cookies and the company of neighbors and friends at an event organized by Boulevard Woods volunteers. If you haven’t been to […]

Nature Trail is Looking Good

                       The head of the nature trail that loops through the site. After a small volunteer crew removed some brush and hauled and spread many wheelbarrows full of mulch Saturday, the nature trail that loops around the Boulevard Woods site is looking good. Mulching is not quite finished and the trail has a few places […]

Thanks to Rivers Alive Volunteers

A crew of volunteers from the Rivers Alive project (most are in this photo) hauled out a massive amount of brush on Saturday, October 15 to help clear a looped trail at the site. They also picked-up several bags of trash and recycling. Rivers Alive is a volunteer effort focused on keeping waterways (and areas […]

Boulevards Woods is a Rivers Alive Project

This year Boulevard Woods is a participating site in the Rivers Alive volunteer effort. Rivers Alive is an annual volunteer day organized by Hands On Northeast Georgia. This year's event takes place Saturday, Oct. 15. As always, the focus of the event is keeping the waterways in Athens clean. Even though Boulevard Woods doesn't contain […]