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Show your support for Boulevard Woods tonight

Whether Boulevard Woods gets built or not is now in the hands of the Mayor and Commission.

They are set to vote on the project at their regular session meeting tonight (Tuesday, Feb. 3). The meeting starts at 7 pm at City Hall.

If they vote to give a green light, we’ll be able to break ground on constructing Boulevard Woods this spring.

Support for Boulevard Woods looks strong from the Mayor and the Commissioners at this point. But a show of continuing support from the community won’t hurt.

You can do that by joining us in person tonight at City Hall for the meeting. Or by sending a quick message to the Mayor and your Commissioner expressing your support for Boulevard Woods. Or you can do both.

Here’s contact information for the Mayor and Commissioners: http://www.athensclarkecounty.com/DocumentCenter/Home/View/60

We got on the agenda for Feb. 3!

Boulevard Woods was officially added to the agenda for a final Mayor and Commission vote on Feb. 3 at tonight’s agenda setting meeting.

This happened without objection—and is a positive sign (but no guarantee) for the likely outcome at the Mayor and Commission’s Feb. 3 regular session meeting.

We’ll have more updates coming soon, but mark your calendars! We’ll need supporters on hand at the next Mayor and Commission meeting—Tuesday, Feb. 3, at City Hall, starting at 7 pm.

Boulevard Woods is coming up at agenda setting meeting

Next week, at the Mayor and Commission’s agenda setting meeting, Boulevard Woods will likely take another step closer to becoming a real park. At its Tuesday, Jan. 20 meeting, the Mayor and Commission will consider a motion to include Boulevard Woods in its regular session agenda for Feb. 3.

If Boulevard Woods does get on the agenda for the regular session—and that seems likely at this point—then the Mayor and Commission will vote Feb. 3 to give final approvals to the project.

We’ve reached our goal!

$97,527 — what it will cost to build Boulevard Woods

$102,463.05 — what we’ve raised in total (less expenses)

$ 0— what we needed to raise by Friday, October 31, 2014 (our fundraising deadline)

$18,998.44— what we’ve raised since Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Boulevard Woods: Key Points

Boulevard Woods is a community partnership to create a distinctive neighborhood park on a vacant county-owned lot.

More than half the funds needed for construction have been raised. It will cost us $125,000 to build the park we’re proposing. Thanks to a $75,000 grant from Riverview Foundation, and ongoing local efforts, we’ve already raised more than half of what we need. To get the job done, we need $48,200.

Boulevard Woods Gets HPC Recommendation

ACC’s Historic Preservation Commission gave our plans for Boulevard Woods a unanimous thumbs-up at a Nov. 20 hearing.

Boulevard Woods is on county-owned land that is located within the boundaries of the Historic Boulevard Neighborhood. The commission’s role was to review our plans and make recommendations intended to make sure what we were proposing fit in with the history and architecture of the neighborhood.

New Website is Part of Final Push for Boulevard Woods

Take a look at our new website! We’ve come a long way in our efforts to create Boulevard Woods. After gathering neighborhood input, designing a concept plan, gaining initial ACC approval, winning a $75,000 grant, and starting the official review process, we decided it was time for a new website to help take us across the finish line.

New Website Coming Soon

The Boulevard Woods park project will be getting a new website soon. As we gear up to finalize our plans, move them through ACC’s plans review process and raise some more needed money, we figure it’s a good time to build a site that’s better suited to accomplishing those tasks. Krysia Haag, a member of […]