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Riverview Foundation does it again!

We’re getting another grant from Riverview Foundation! This one will be for $50,000, and will enable us to create the playscape and neighborhood gathering area that we’ve planned.

Trail digging gets started, makes rapid progress

Eight volunteers gathered Sunday, Jan. 29 for a quick training session on trail digging techniques, and promptly got to work. Soft soil conditions, a good, cool working temperature and lots of energy all contributed to getting more of the trail corridor dug out than initially anticipated.

Trail digging training session is set

The trail corridor at Boulevard Woods is cleared; now, it’s time to dig the trail bed. If you’re up for this task, please join us Saturday, October 1 from 2 pm to 3 pm at the park for a training session on how to dig trails.

More crew leaders trained

Tom Keene, Marci White and Elizabeth Howard became crew leaders for the trail corridor clearing project at Boulevard Woods after a training session Wednesday afternoon led by Weed Warrior Gary Crider

Trail-building supervisors needed for Boulevard Woods

We need volunteer help to build trails at Boulevard Woods. As a first step, what we need is a corps of folks willing to be trained in how to clear a trail corridor and to serve on a rotating basis over the coming weeks to supervise other volunteers in trail corridor work. If you’re willing and able to serve as a supervisor, please RSVP to lorentz.d@gmail.com and join us this Saturday, June 18, from 10 am to 12 noon at Boulevard Woods Park (298 Barber St.) for a training session.