Tell Them You Support Boulevard Woods

If you support Boulevard Woods, it's time to contact the Mayor and your Commissioners to let them know.

At their next work session meeting–Tuesday, March 13–the Mayor and Commission will be discussing the Leisure Service Department and its plans and priorities for the future. The discussion is likely to touch on public support for pocket parks and projects like Boulevard Woods.

Mayor Denson let us know about this, and encouraged us to come to the meeting to hear the discussion firsthand. The meeting takes place at the Dougherty St. Government Building, 120 W. Dougherty St., and starts at 5:30 p.m. There are no opportunities for public comment at work session meetings.

But we can make sure that everyone at that meeting knows about Boulevard Woods.

Please take a few moments to write a brief email message to the Mayor and your commissioners in support of Boulevard Woods. And please feel free to contact other commissioners (not just the ones representing your district) you may know as well.

Here's the email message I'll be sending. Feel free to adapt it as you see fit.

* * *

Dear Mayor and Commissioners:

Please support Boulevard Neighborhood Association's plan to create "Boulevard Woods."

You will likely be hearing more about this plan at the upcoming March 13 work session where you are scheduled to discuss the Leisure Service Department's plans and priorities.

Boulevard Woods is a neighborhood-driven plan to create a neighborhood-funded public green space on vacant parcels currently owned by ACC.

Boulevard Woods won't cost ACC very much at all. Neighborhood residents are asking for about $2000 for a safe pedestrian crosswalk, but are planning to fund all other costs of building the park, and they plan to provide for the ongoing maintenance, too.

Boulevard Woods will be a low-cost, easy-to-maintain public green space open from dawn to dusk. No basketball or tennis courts. No water fountains. No lighting. Just a few seating areas, an improved bus stop, a bike rack, a fence for safety, a trash can or two, a place for neighborhood gatherings, a couple of spots to look into wooded areas, a short ADA-approved paved path on top and a nature trail below. 

If the neighborhood association doesn't raise the funds needed for these features, then Boulevard Woods isn't built–and the lots remain as they are now.

Under the plan being put forward by Boulevard Neighborhood Association, the neighborhood association will partner with ACC's Leisure Services Department to develop and supervise a plan for Boulevard Woods. This will be an arrangement much like the existing partnership between ACC and SOBRA (the Athens Chapter of Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association) for multi-use trails on ACC-owned land in East Athens.

Athens Land Trust is willing to help Boulevard Neighborhood Association do the necessary fundraising.

With just a little help from ACC and some luck fundraising, the residents of Boulevard and surrounding neighborhoods will get a much desired neighborhood green space to enjoy. In return, ACC will have leveraged private resources to create a lasting public asset.

Please join fellow commissioners in supporting Boulevard Woods.

Learn more about Boulevard Woods at


Dan Lorentz

* * *

Email addresses for the Mayor and Commissioners:

Mayor Nancy Denson

District 1–Doug Lowry

District 2–Harry Sims

District 3–George Maxwell

District 4–Alice Kinman

District 5–Jared Bailey

District 6–Ed Robinson

District 7–Kathy Hoard

District 8–Andy Herod

District 9–Kelly Girtz

District 10–Mike Hamby