Take a Closer Look at This Existing Conditions Map


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This recently created map, which debuted at a neighborhood party last weekend, shows existing conditions at the potential Barber St. park site.

The map is not plan (we don't have one yet) and it's not a precise survey of the parcel (which we may still need), but it does fairly accurately show how the parcel relates to bordering streets and neighboring properties. It also shows the approximate location and scale of some major features within the parcel, including large trees, a stone wall, vegetation boundaries, embankments,  and open areas. (The location of the major trees and other features indicated within the first 200 or so feet from Barber St.–basically those within the yellow areas–is approximate. The location of other trees–those in the green/gray area–have been drawn in loosely to suggest the density of tree cover as the site slopes towards a stream bed.)

Yellow indicates open areas

Brown/black hatch marks show ridges, major slope boundaries

Green/gray indicates thick vegetation growth

Circles with center points show trees and tree canopies

Blue indicates stream and stream buffer

This map depicts conditions on the site as it was at the end of February, 2010. The map was created by Henry Parker, an architect, landscape architect and planner and Allen Stovall, a landscape architect and professor emeritus of UGA's College of Environment and Design.

Thanks to Henry and Allen for putting this together!

You can learn more about the site and about the park project here.