Show Support for Boulevard Woods

Support bw sign

At its agenda-setting meeting tonight (Thursday, June 21), the Mayor and Commission will be deciding on whether to include the Boulevard Woods proposal on its regular session agenda for July.

We need to your voice (or at least your presence) at this meeting to show that’s there’s strong community support for Boulevard Woods.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. at City Hall, TONIGHT, Thursday, June 21.  

You can show support by standing up and telling the Mayor and Commission why you believe they should support our efforts to create Boulevard Woods.

Or, if you’d prefer, you can simply show up and sit with a group of us Boulevard Woods supporters. Maybe you could wear one of those “Boulevard is for lubbers” t-shirts or bring a small hand-made sign saying something like “Please Support Boulevard Woods.”

Now, if you can’t come to the meeting, please take a minute to write a email to the Mayor and your commissioners asking them to please support Boulevard Woods. (Commissioner email addresses are listed below).

Tonight’s agenda-setting meeting and the the regular session meeting coming up in July are crucial for Boulevard Woods. If we make it through both of these votes, we can finally start moving from the conceptual and exploratory stage into actually doing what it takes to build a real neighborhood park.

Please join us in showing support for Boulevard Woods tonight at City Hall. Boulevard Woods needs your help.

Thank you!

Mayor and Commissioner Email Addresses

Mayor Nancy Denson

District 1–Doug Lowry

District 2–Harry Sims

District 3–George Maxwell

District 4–Alice Kinman

District 5–Jared Bailey

District 6–Ed Robinson

District 7–Kathy Hoard

District 8–Andy Herod

District 9–Kelly Girtz

District 10–Mike Hamby