Boulevard Woods Community Park is project of many people and organizations. Boulevard Neighborhood Association, Inc. is leading the effort to create the park and will be responsible for helping to maintain it, but Boulevard Woods is truly a community-wide project. Here’s part of the community behind Boulevard Woods …

Project Leaders

Marci White
Marci WhiteStarted the current effort to create a park at this site and is a lead project organizer. She is the founder and director of Rabbit Box, a local storytelling event.
Dan Lorentz
Dan LorentzAn early volunteer and chairperson of the Boulevard Neighborhood Association’s neighborhood park standing committee, he’s been coordinating efforts to create the park.
Allen Stovall
Allen StovallA landscape architect and professor emeritus of UGA’s College of Environment and Design, he’s the leader of the design team for the project.
Krysia Haag
Krysia HaagA local artist specializing in mosaic who will help integrate community art into the project. She also built the park’s website. Her work can be seen at
Josh Koons
Josh KoonsJosh Koons is a registered landscape architect and principal, Koons Environmental Design, Inc. He‘s in charge of developing the final plans and cost estimates for the project. His firm’s website can be found at
Kevan Williams
Kevan WilliamsGraduated from UGA’s College of Environment and Design, and now works as a Park Planning Specialist at ACC’s Leisure Services Department. He played a major role in the original design team, helped the project connect with a major funder, and remains a crucial adviser on the project.

Key Organizations

Boulevard Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Boulevard Neighborhood Association, Inc.Is the lead organization for creating the park, including fundraising
Athens Land Trust, Inc.
Athens Land Trust, Inc.Has agreed to help BNA administer it‘s fundraising efforts. Thanks to ALT’s community-spirit, contributors to the park project will be able to use ALT’s non-profit status to claim tax deduction for the Boulevard Woods project.
Mayor and Commission
Mayor and CommissionACC Mayor Nancy Denson and ACC’s Commissioners voted to approve a concept plan for Boulevard Woods in July 2012. Mayor Denson and Commissioners Kelly Girtz, Jared Bailey, Kathy Hoard and George Maxwell have all played important parts in advancing this project.
ACC Manager and Staff
ACC Manager and StaffMany ACC staff have helped to move this project forward with their frank, and cooperative advice. These include Manager Alan Reddish, County Attorney Bill Berryman, ACC Leisure Service Department Director Pam Reidy, and her staff Mel Cochran, Daniel Lawson, Kevan Williams, Dan Magee; ACC‘s Central Services Department’s Roger Cauthen and Andrew Saunders; ACC‘s Planning Department’s Brad Griffin, Bruce Lonee and Melanie Graham; and all the folks at the Keep Athens-County Beautiful Program, among many others.
UGA College of Environment and Design
UGA College of Environment and DesignUnder the supervision of Doug Pardue, a UGA College of Environment and Design professor, a senior-level design studio students refined BNA’s approved concept plan--and generated many ideas incorporated into the latest plans for the park.
Riverview Foundation
Riverview FoundationWith it’s $75,000 grant for Boulevard Woods, this Chattanooga, TN-based foundation with strong connections to Athens, Ga., laid the financial foundation for the project.

Original Design Team Members


In addition to those already mentioned (Marci White, Dan Lorentz, Allen Stovall, Kevan Williams, Krysia Haag) these people helped shape our original concept plan for the park:

  • Greg Denzin, a professional landscape designer and major contributor to volunteer projects at the park.
  • Katherine Melcher, an assistant professor at UGA’s College of Environment and Design
  • Henry Parker, an architect, landscape architect and planner.