This website is part of a volunteer-driven effort to design and build a distinctive community park in Athens, Georgia.


Boulevard Woods is a heavily-wooded 1.8 acre site. The lot is owned by Athens-Clarke County. It was donated to the City of Athens by W.H. Benson in 1967, and has been vacant and unused since then.

Located at the top of Boulevard, the site is well positioned to serve as a neighborhood focal point and with the potential to be integrated into a future greenway network and/or a rails-to-trails project.



woods viewTo create and sustain a park that is:

  • Built by volunteers and funded mainly by private contributions
  • Affordable to build and easy to maintain
  • Built, when and where feasible, using simple, sustainable materials and technologies
  • An expression of neighborhood creativity
  • Part of ACC’s network of public parks

Neighborhood Input

early drawingIn 2009, we surveyed area residents and they told us they want a park. Later, we sought more detailed feedback about what kind of park people wanted in this spot. We created a design team to use that feedback to create four alternative park concepts. In 2010, we organized a neighborhood charrette to allow people to look at the concepts and vote on which elements they liked best. The design team then collated these preferences to come up with a single concept plan. And that plan got approved by ACC, and was used to develop the more detailed plan and the construction drawings.

Who We Are

Boulevard Historic District signThis project was started by an informally organized group of people interested in creating a neighborhood park. Boulevard Neighborhood Association, Inc. is coordinating the effort with many partners, including Athens-Clarke County, Athens Land Trust, UGA, a private foundation, and others. Involving citizens beyond the surrounding neighborhoods, Boulevard Woods is truly a community project.

Our Progress So Far

volunteersYou can read about what we’ve accomplished already and what lies ahead on our timeline.