The Corps has landed at Boulevard Woods

They’re here, and they’ve been working hard.

An 8-member crew from the Southeast Conservation Corps—a branch of Americorps—is doing a “hitch” at Boulevard Woods.

This crew, based out of Chattanooga, TN, is clearing out invasive plants (much of which is bush honeysuckle, wisteria, privet and some types of ivy), building steps for the trail and putting-in a few drainage features as well.

ACC Leisure Services selected Boulevard Woods as a project site for an Americorps hitch this year. After Boulevard Woods, they’re going to do a hitch at Beech Haven. Before they came to Athens, they worked on Natchez Trace near Jackson, MS.

The crew leader is Dan Wescoat, and crew members are Will Vaught, Elliot Dawes, Julia Smith, Mariel Groppe, Erica Kistner, Quran Whatley and Cal McKinney.

These folks are doing a lot of work. We owe them a big thank you.

Survey says: lubbers are popular for trail name

According to our SurveyMonkey survey of possible names for the trail at Boulevard Woods, the five top suggestions that the most respondents liked at least a little are:

1. Lubber’s Lane (with 101 of 131 respondents liking)
2. Boulevard Woods Trail (99)
3. Barber Lane Trail (tie at 97)
4. Lubber’s Loop (tie at 97)
5. Shiny Happy Trail (95)

If you rank the suggested names by a weighted average (how many respondents gave how many “hearts” to a suggestion), then the top five candidates are:

1. Shiny Happy Trail (2.96 “hearts”)
2. Lubber’s Lane (2.93)
3. Boulevard Woods Trail (2.90)
4. Barber Lane Trail (2.76)
5. Lubber’s Loop (2.70)

What to make of this?

“Lubber’s Lane” was liked at least somewhat by the most people—so that’s one takeaway. But the slightly fewer people who liked “Shiny Happy Trail” liked it a lot. Then again, the difference in the intensity of the preference between “Shiny Happy Trail” and “Lubber’s Lane” was also slight: just .03 percent. And there’s this to consider: of the top five candidate names in both ways of ranking, two include “Lubber” which suggests this element is fairly popular.

What’s next?

The survey results and responses have been forwarded to the good folks at Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services Department, who invited us to make suggestions. They’ll mull over our feedback. We’ll keep you posted about any decisions they make or any additional input they may seek from us.

About the survey

We collected 29 candidate names. Suggestions were made on neighborhood Facebook pages, on the neighborhood listserve and via emails from park volunteers and supporters.

Survey respondents were asked to rate the candidate names on a scale where five “hearts” meant that the respondent really liked the suggestion and fewer hearts to indicate less enthusiasm. Respondents could “skip” candidate names they didn’t like at all. There were 131 respondents.

The data we collected (from June 8 through June 14) allowed us to see what names most people liked at least a little bit and also allowed us a rough gauge of the intensity of the liking.

Thanks to all who participated. This was fun.

Candidate names, ranked by number of respondents, then by weighted average

Lubber’s Lane 101, 2.93
Boulevard Woods Trail 99, 2.90
Barber Lane Trail 97, 2.76
Lubber’s Loop 97, 2.70
Shiny Happy Trail 95, 2.96
Barber Hill Trail 94, 2.63
Streetcar Loop 94, 2.37
Lubber Trail 92, 2.03
X Branch Trail 91, 2.49
Townie Trail 91, 2.32
Hooker Highline 91, 2.09
WH Benson Trail 91, 2.09
B&B Trail 90, 2.12
Boulevard-Barber Trail 89, 1.85
Pylon Trail 88, 2.11
Boulevard Bender 88, 1.68
Volunteer Trail 88, 1.65
Boulevard Wander Trail 87, 1.79
The Boulevard Dip 87, 1.70
Shinrinyoku Path 87, 1.41
End of the World Trail 86, 2.00
Woodpecker Walk 86, 1.62
Ort’s Trail 85, 1.71
Canopy Walk 85, 1.47
Gyrate Loop 84, 1.54
Railroad Wander 84, 1.56
Wandering Way 84, 1.5
Boulevard Corkscrew 84, 1.43
Overlook Trail 83, 1.41

Opened-ended, anonymous comments

1. Please don’t reference REM, they don’t live here ya know…berlin, seattle and LA

2. As indicated above I like several of these. But I think I like #29 Best, assuming at the entrance to the trail there would be a sign explaining the concept of shinrinyoku. It’s a really neat concept, which is increasingly being verified by scientific investigation. Plus, the concept captures perfectly what this short but very atmospheric trail will be best at doing.

3. maybe just “Benson Trail” (leave off the W.H.)

4. Barber Hill Trail is the best of these. As mentioned above, “Barber St is on a hill…” Notably, too, the trail itself is on a hill.

5. Pylon Parkway (refers to a nearby area on private property where the band played during the formative years of the often-mentioned Barber St. music scene.)

6. Anything referencing hookers and cocktails maybe not such a great idea for a family park/trail?

7. Clearly, Hooker Highline is insulting beyond words and should not be considered further. I appreciate suggestions related to history, but this just smacks of snarky white college-boy humor.

8. How did Trailey McTrailFace not get a nomination? Are we past that now?

9. Just to recognize that if that property was historically part of an african-american community that it not be named something relating to white only experiences…ie townie, rem, etc. And preferably name it after someone from that community if there was such a community there or what they historically called that area.

10. Serenity Now Trail

11. I like the historical perspective. Most of the other suggestions are subjective, they might mean sonething to someone, but absolutely nothing to most people with- out explaining what is meant. Too tedious.

12. Numbers 1, 12 and 18 are not appropriate and should not be forwarded.

13. Dan, thanks for organizing and doing all this. I helped clear brush during the park’s inception period way back in 2011 for the River’s Alive event, and although I’ve since moved away from Athens, I’ve very much enjoyed hearing about the park’s progress. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished. Luke W.

14. Lubber’s Lane

15. Traily McTrailyface

16. I think Lubber’s Lane would be funnier, but Lubber Lane is good, too.

17. Traily McTrailface

18. Lubbers’ Lane instead of Lubber Lane. It’s punnier that way! 🙂

19. Hooker is a very derogatory/disrepectful term. I’m going to assume there really isnt a chance that will be the name of the traiil.

20. If it’s not Orts trail I don’t wanna live in Athens anymore