Boulevard Woods Gets HPC Recommendation

ACC’s Historic Preservation Commission gave our plans for Boulevard Woods a unanimous thumbs-up at a Nov. 20 hearing.

Boulevard Woods is on county-owned land that is located within the boundaries of the Historic Boulevard Neighborhood. The commission’s role was to review our plans and make recommendations intended to make sure what we were proposing fit in with the history and architecture of the neighborhood.

Commissioners expressed support for the project and our plans, and recommended that we include permanent edging along a gravel driveway, landscaping along a fence and an entry way sign that matches the scale and architecture of the neighborhood.

We’ll be able—and quite happy—to accommodate these recommendations.

Josh Koons of Koons Environmental Design, Inc. prepared and presented our plans before the commission. Thanks, Josh—and everyone at Koons Environmental Design.

Now that we’ve had plans reviewed by ACC’s Planning Department and gone through HPC review, we’re ready to work with ACC’s Leisure Service Department to develop the final, construction-ready set of plans. And there’s a few more steps to be taken after that as well, but we keep getting closer to making Boulevard Woods a reality.