Boulevards Woods is a Rivers Alive Project


This year Boulevard Woods is a participating site in the Rivers Alive volunteer effort.

Rivers Alive is an annual volunteer day organized by Hands On Northeast Georgia. This year's event takes place Saturday, Oct. 15.

As always, the focus of the event is keeping the waterways in Athens clean. Even though Boulevard Woods doesn't contain a waterway, the site is immediately adjacent to a streambed–and so they've invited us to participate.

Which is great because we've got a bunch of work that needs doing, including spreading mulch on trails. We'll also be hauling debris and picking up trash.

Here's the schedule for Saturday, Oct. 15:

8-9am – Rivers Alive Volunteer check-in at Dudley Park (coffee and juice will be provided)

9am-12noon – Clean-up project at Boulevard Woods

12noon-1pm – Back at Dudley Park for prizes, lunch, band performance, kids area and games.

For more information and to register as a volunteer for the Boulevard Woods Rivers Alive project, go here.