Tree Inventory & Assessment Report is Complete


Two UGA urban tree management students have prepared a well-illustrated 21 page report about the trees on the top west end of the Barber St. site–the part of the site most likely to be used as a park or public green space.

The report–entitled Barber Street Park Project: Tree Inventory & Assessment--identifies 52 individual trees and recommends care for them. Aluminum tags will be affixed to the 21 of these trees (those with diameters of 15-inches or greater) with numbers that correspond to a tree inventory map that's included in the report. (As of this writing, some of the trees on the north side of the site have been tagged.)

In addition to an entry on each of the 52 trees, the report also includes general tree maintenance guidelines with tailored recommendations for professional-level care and for volunteer-level care, and much else.

Lindsey Hutchison and Allison Dublinksi wrote the report. Download Barber St Park Tree Inventory_051110.pdf (2350.0K)

The Barber St. Park Project owes them a big thank you: THANK YOU!

Here are a couple images of pages from the report:

trees 12&13

site inventory