View Site Map at Neighborhood Party

A map showing key features of the Barber St. site as it currently exists will be on display at a neighborhood party Saturday. This is not a plan, but an early draft of a survey showing locations of major trees, cleared areas, slopes and other features of the site as it is now.

Allen Stovall, a retired UGA landscape architecture professor, Henry Parker, a licensed landscape architect, and Dan Lorentz, a park project volunteer organizer, and others will be there to answer questions about the park project.

The neighborhood party takes place at Little Kings, 223 W. Hancock St., from 4-6 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 27.

The party is an informal neighborhood get-together organized and sponsored by the Boulevard Neighborhood Association for neighborhood residents.  There will be a bake sale, and opportunities to learn about a variety of neighborhood events and projects.

Gone in 64,800 Seconds

A brush pile moved curbside Sunday afternoon was gone Monday morning. The pile stayed curbside for from roughly 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 14 till about 8 a.m.  Monday, Feb. 15–that’s 64,800 seconds or 18 hours–when workers in Athens-Clarke Co.’s Solid Waste Department removed it as part of their normally scheduled leaf and limb pick-up rounds in the Boulevard neighborhood.

UPDATE: Stacee Farrell, executive director of the Keep Athens-Clarke Co. Beautiful program, reports that the brush pile we created weighed 1.83 tons.

Thanks to Solid Waste for the fast service, and heavy-lifting!





Operation “Move Brush Pile”

Greg Denzin, operating a small excavator, moved a massive brush pile at the Barber St. park site curbside on Sunday, Feb. 14.  Moving the pile will make it easier for  Athens-Clarke Co.’s Solid Waste department to remove it this coming week, when Boulevard neighborhood is scheduled for a periodic leaf and limb pick-up.

It took Denzin and his equipment less than an hour to move the brush pile. Denzin, who owns G&G Landscape Design, tries to minimize his environmental impact. His John Deere excavator runs on bio-diesel, and he insisted on scattering some grass seeds and pine needles to cover tread tracks.

The brush pile before the move
Where the piled used to be
Waiting curbside for leaf and limb pick-up

Thanks Greg!

Thanks as well to Stacee Farrell, executive director of Keep Athens-Clarke Co. Beautiful, and Roger Cauthen in Athens-Clarke Co. Landscape Management Division for helping to coordinate the leaf and limb pick-up.

While the volunteer work day originally scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 13 had to be canceled due to snow, Bruce and Jane Travis were prepared to provide some very nice refreshments for volunteer workers; Shawn Doonan of Tarzan Tree Care was poised to offer help and equipment and Ben Myers of 1000 Faces Coffee was set–for the second weekend now–to provide free coffee for the volunteers. Thanks to Bruce, Jane and Shawn and Ben!

Work Day 2: New Areas Cleared, Trails Blazed

After postponing for a week because of bad weather, volunteers resumed clearing work Sat. Feb. 6 at the Barber St. site.

The ground was sodden, the wind cold and the work day shortened (to allow the ground to drain off a little from heavy rains the night before) but volunteers generated big brush piles while clearing three new areas and pushed forward on trail blazing. Once again 13 people showed up to help, but most were new faces.

Here are photos from Work Day 2:


Karen Freed and Eric Heil haul brush to a pile

Cat Dunleavy pries a Honeysuckle shrub from the ground

Kelly Ridenhour gathers cut vines

David Shillcut with loppers

Gary Crider with tarp

Anna Claire Davis near wall in newly cleared area

Stella, Anna Claire Davis’s dog, taking in the scene

Jim Okey clearing out brush

Kevan Williams and Abby Moore on their way up to dump a load of brush

Dan Lorentz tries to cut a vine

Work in the lower terraces as viewed from top level of site

One of the three newly cleared areas

Work Day 2 Volunteers included: “Chainsaw” Charles Apostolik, Gary Crider, Anna Claire Davis, Cat Dunleavy, Karen Freed, Eric Heil, Dan Lorentz, Abby Moore, James Okey, Kelly Ridenhour, David Shillcutt, Stella, Allen Stovall, Kevan Williams

Special thanks to:  Robert Gunn for supplying some yummy sandwiches.